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Aerial above Mugwenzi showing how close we are to the Crocodile River that runs between Marloth Park and the Kruger National

An epic journey awaits...

Kruger Kumba


Picture this: a serene and captivating setting nestled amidst the untouched beauty of the African bushveld. The crisp morning air caresses your face as the golden rays of the sun filter through the canopy of ancient trees. You take a deep breath, filling your lungs with the distinct aroma of wild flowers and earth. Surrounded by the symphony of wildlife, you feel an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility envelope you. This is Mugwenzi, where the only soundtrack is the harmonious blend of bird song, rustling leaves, and the distant roar of the resident wildlife.

Outdoor Living Area Mugwenzi
Outside entertainment area with seating area and dining area
Lounge at Mugwenzi
Outdoor seating area on the deck
The outside deck with a bed called the Lovers Deck
Lovers deck Mugwenzi
Mugwenzi Outdoor Bed
Daytime picture of the Lovers Deck
Evening Picture of the outside dining area on the deck facing the bush
Mugwenzi Romance
Outdoor Dining Area
Decor Mugwenzi
The pool at Mugwenzi
The Pool
A pool shot with the bush in the background
Night time photo of the pool at Mugwenzi with the Firepit in the background
full view of the outside of Mugwenzi showing the Firepit, pool, watering hole and all the decks from the front
Kruger Kumba Mugwenzi
a view from the garden through the trees showing the lovers deck
Night time picture from the outside of Mugwenzi showing the ambiance at night
Potjie on the Braai with animals in the background at Mugwenzi
The BBQ or Braai area of Mugwenzi with a fire burning and the lush green bushveld in the background
Firepit at Mugwenzi
A night time photo of the Firepit with and awesome burning fire and in the background the bush at Mugwenzi
The new Watering Hole for the animals at Mugwenzi, The Zebra are hanging around the Watering Hole
Female Kudu eating from your hand at Mugwenzi
A giraffe taking a stroll through the garden at Mugwenzi
Warthog walking through the garden at Mugwenzi
Zebra walking through the Garden at Mugwenzi and seeing what he can find for food
Bushbabies in their house on the deck of Mugwenzi
Mugwenzi Guest Room
Guest Room
Guest Room
Mugwenzi Guest Room
Lounge with African Accents in Mugwenzi
View from the Passage facing the Lounge in Mugwenzi
Living Room
Mugwenzi Interior
Litchen Mugwenzi
Mugwenzi Kitchen
Office Mugwenzi
Mugwenzi Office
Dinner at Mugwenzi
The african touched at Mugwenzi
The dining area outside on the elevated deck overlooking the Bush
Mugwenzi Dining Area
Main Room Mugwenzi showing you the ambiance at night
Mugwenzi Main Room during the day
The Bedroom on the third floor of Mugwenzi
The Main Bedroom at Kruger Kumba Mugwenzi
Main Room En-Suite
Mugwenzi Bathroom
Mugwenzi En-Suite
The en-suite bathroom on the third floor off the Main Bedroom
Mugwenzi Lion Room
Mugwenzi Lion Room
Mugwenzi Lion Room
Mugwenzi Bathroom
The Bathroom sink and mirror in the guest bathroom
Mugwenzi Lion Room
The bathroom with shower between the two guest bedrooms
Taking Photo of Elephants on the fence of Kuger National Park
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