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Lions in Kruger National Park

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Nestled Deep Within The African Savanna


Kruger Kumba log cabins are the epitome of nostalgic, rustic elegance that echoes it's surrounding environment perfectly. Our charming and peaceful cabins are nestled deep within the African savanna of Marloth Park wildlife sanctuary. Here, the glorious Crocodile River seperates the Kruger National Park from Marloth Park, which places the big 5 on the verge of our doorstep.

As an alternative to hotel accommodation, we offer you the privacy and comfort of self-catering accommodation. Kruger Kumba log cabins blend seamlessly into it's natural surroundings, and boast with stylish bedrooms and charming decor, which will ensure your absolute comfort and supreme relaxation. The decor was carefully chosen to emphasize the mood of the African charm and ambience. Kruger Kumba is a  combination of modern comforts with the focus on bringing the African feel into our homes. Kruger Kumba aims to provide a romantic and tranquil getaway for our guests.

Our location is perfect for wildlife lovers. Kruger Kumba is home to an abundance of animals, including leopard, giraffe, zebra, kudu, blue wildebeest, and warthog, to name a few. With our lions , rhino and buffalo confined to Marloth Park's game reserve, Lions Spruit, our guests have the luxury of embarking on thrilling bush walks alongside our multitude of fascinating species. Staying at Kruger Kumba means having a front row seat to this incredible spectacle.

Guests can expect an enchanting blend of luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion. At Kruger Kumba, we pump the African blood through your veins.

Enchanting Moments

Lover's Deck at Mugwenzi
Patio with Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating at Mugwenzi
Main bedroom at Mugwenzi
Outdoor shower at Lahlekile Nathi award Mugwenzi Award Lahlekile Nathi
Lions Kruger National Park
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